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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Irondequoit, NY

Welcome to your local Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center in Irondequoit, NY. We are a locally-owned, independently-operated hearing aid store in the Miracle-Ear Network. As one of the 1,200 Miracle-Ear hearing centers nationwide, we are proud to offer a full line of digital Miracle-Ear hearing aids, technologies, and accessories for our customers.

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center of Irondequoit, NY prides itself on innovation, offering the highest quality hearing aids available, featuring industry-leading technologies like the all-new GENIUS. GENIUS has been clinically proven to provide up to 25% better speech recognition in challenging listening environments than people with normal hearing*!

Our line of digital hearing aids offers a full range of hearing aid styles, from our completely invisible in-the-canal Mirage, to robust behind-the-ear hearing aids like our waterproof, dustproof, and virtually shockproof Aquavi.*

Our hearing aids can also include BlueTooth** connectivity allowing you to hear phone calls, music and TV with stunning clarity, streamed directly to your hearing aids. In addition, our new mobile apps enable our hearing aid users to control their hearing aids from their Apple or Android smartphone, all with the ease and discretion of sending a text.

What Will Your Miracle Sound Like?

Celebrating 65 Years of SoundMiracle-Ear has been America's #1 choice for hearing aids for more than 65 years. With leading-edge hearing aid technology, industry-best 3-year limited warranties on all M-E Solutions, and free aftercare services, Miracle-Ear provides hearing care that helps people reconnect with the sounds and voices that make life fuller and richer.

Think You May Have Hearing Loss?

You're not alone. Hearing loss is the third-leading chronic health condition among Americans, with over 36 million Americans having some level of hearing loss. You may have some level of hearing loss if you are experiencing any of the below:

  • Particular words or portions of words are hard to understand
  • You find yourself asking others to repeat themselves
  • Others complain that you watch TV with the volume too loud
  • You notice particular difficulty hearing in noisy environments, or hearing women and children speak

The good news is 9 of 10 people with hearing loss can be helped with the use of hearing aids.

The Miracle-Ear Experience, In Irondequoit, NY

Miracle-Ear is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the best experience possible from their hearing aids, which is why we offer top-notch hearing care services, including free hearing tests, checkups, personalized programming, and aftercare for all of our hearing aid customers. We are so confident in our level of service that we offer risk-free, 30-day trial periods on all of our hearing aids.

Hearing Loss Technologies

Miracle-Ear hearing aids feature industry-leading technology. Depending on what particular hearing aid addresses your hearing loss and lifestyles, your Miracle-Ear Hearing Solution can include technology that:

  • Reduces annoying whistling sounds known as feedback
  • Offers multiple programs, for optimal hearing in all of your favorite listening situations
  • Provides wireless Bluetooth connectivity to cell phones and other electronics
  • Allows you to control your hearing aid with our mobile smartphone app
  • Decreases wind noise interference for more enjoyable outdoor conversations
  • Increases listening comfort by reducing sudden loud noises

At Miracle-Ear of Irondequoit, we offer hearing solutions that meet almost any need and budget, and each one comes with outstanding service, warranty and a free aftercare package.

Miracle-Ear Value

Miracle-Ear® is the brand Americans have grown to trust when it comes to hearing aids. With premium service, the latest technology, and the most discreet hearing aids in the market, Miracle-Ear Hearing Solutions help those who have trouble hearing, enjoy a better quality of life.

Founded in 1948 by World War II triple ace fighter pilot Ken Dahlberg, Miracle-Ear was the first to offer an all-in-the-ear hearing aid. Miracle-Ear was also the first to offer digital hearing aids across our entire product line, and our tradition of industry-leading technology continues today with the Mirage, our fully invisible hearing aid, and the Aquavi, a waterproof and dustproof* hearing aid.

What Do Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids Cost?

When evaluating hearing aids, the price of the hearing aid is definitely a factor to consider when determining what hearing aid to purchase. Consider the following:

  • How long will my hearing aid last?
  • How much do I anticipate paying for aftercare services like adjustments and maintenance?
  • Am I willing to pay more for a quality product?

For example, if you get the lowest cost hearing aids, but they break down every year, forcing you to purchase yet another pair, are you really saving money? What if your hearing aid is malfunctioning, or you need it adjusted, are you willing to pay for office visits, and how many? With Miracle-Ear hearing aids, almost every product offered comes with a 3-year limited warranty**, and aftercare is included with the upfront cost, which helps you reduce the overall costs you may have to occur to address your hearing loss.

Free Hearing Tests

If you or someone you love may be experiencing hearing loss, you can come into Miracle-Ear for a free hearing test†. This hearing test can determine if hearing loss is being experienced, as well as the nature and level of hearing loss.

30-day Free Trial Periods

Within days most of our customers can't imagine life without their Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid, which is why we let customers try out our hearing aids for 30 days††. This allows those who may be hesitant to wear a hearing aid, to try wearing a Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid for up to 30 days with the ability to return it, no questions asked. When it comes to your hearing, you want a solution you can trust. And that's exactly what you'll get from the Miracle-Ear Experience.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Miracle-Ear stands behind the quality of its products and industry-leading technology. As a result, we offer standard 3-year limited warranties** on all of our M-E Solutions, giving our clients peace of mind, knowing that their hearing aid investment is protected.

1,200 Locations Nationwide

A Miracle-Ear Hearing Solution means that you are never far away from somewhere that can adjust and service your hearing aids. No matter what Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center you buy your Miracle-Ear hearing aid from, you can be rest assured you will receive the same quality and level of service at any of our over 1,200 locations nationwide.

Free Aftercare

Your Miracle-Ear Experience lasts well beyond your initial purchase of a Miracle-Ear Hearing Solution. Free aftercare is included at no additional cost with every Miracle-Ear hearing aid, which includes:

  • Free personalized programming
  • Free annual hearing screenings
  • Free adjustments
  • Free office visits

You can get your free aftercare services from any of our 1,200 locations, regardless of where you purchased your Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids. You can get your hearing aid adjusted, your concerns answered, or your hearing aid repaired almost anywhere nationwide, since you are never too far from a Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center.

Click here to view Miracle-Ear's HIPAA Policy

*Hearing test is always free. Not a medical exam. Audiometric test to determine proper amplification needs only. Credit card may be required to reserve an appointment **See store for complete warranty details. ***Adjustments, check-ups, cleaning and demos are always free. †MarkeTrak VIII, October 2009 †Communication tips from Richard Carmen, Au.D., Auricle Ink Publishers republished at, and from Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D., author of the MarkeTrak series and executive director of the Better Hearing Institute. Fitting fees may apply to 30 day money-back guarantee. ^Hearing aids do not restore natural hearing. Individual experience may vary depending on severity of hearing loss, accuracy of evaluation, proper fit and ability to adapt to amplification. *Achieved IP57 rating per IEC 60529 standard. Device can be completely submerged in water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes with no damage to the instrument and dust will not interfere with the satisfactory operation of the device. **ME200 not included.